Q. Can I keep my telephone number?
A. Yes. Your line is simply transferred from your current telephone service provider to MeerKat Comms

Q. Will there be any disruption of telephone service during the transfer?
A. No. There will be no disruption to your service, the only difference you will notice is lower bills.

Q. Is the billing cycle the same as BT?
A. We only charge a month in advance for Line Rentals and Option Plans whereas BT Retail usually charge three months in advance. Call charges are one month in arrears. When you join MeerKat Comms your first invoice will cover the first partial month plus the next whole calendar month.

Q. How are Meerkat Comms able to offer line rentals and installations?
A. Just like BT Retail, TalkTalk and our other competitors we buy directly from BT Wholesale and BT Openreach ensuring you receive the same quality service you have been accustomed to.

Q. If there is a problem on my line who do I call?
A. Once your lines are transferred to MeerKat Comms you should call us directly, our UK based faults team work 24 hours a day. Should you call BT™ you will be told to contact your service provider, MeerKat Comms.

Q. So who fixes the problem?
A. Once you have called MeerKat Comms we log a fault with BT Openreach in the same way that BT Retail do. Should the fault require an engineer's visit a BT Openreach Engineer will be dispatched. We will monitor the fault and report back to you regularly.

Q. Am I charged for an engineer’s visit?
A. No. Although, as with BT™ Retail, if the fault is not with your line then any site visit is chargeable.

Q. What if I need new lines?
A. MeerKat Comms can install new lines and services. We simply arrange and manage the installation for you. A BT Openreach Engineer will arrive and fit the equipment accordingly

Q. What about select services such as Call Waiting, Call Divert and 1571?
A. All of BT's line services are available to you through MeerKat Comms.

Q. Can I get broadband?
A. 98% of the UK population can receive broadband. Our broadband availability checker will tell you if your exchange can already offer broadband and will conduct a first assessment of whether your line is suitable. If you do not have a BT type line then you can check by postcode.

Q. How long does it take to get connected?
A. It only takes a few minutes to sign up to MeerKat Comms. The actual time between signing up your account and your account being activated ranges between 14 and 18 days. If you have chosen a broadband bundle your broadband will be activated on the same day at most exchanges (70%), at other exchanges it may take a further 5 to 10 days to activate the broadband.

Q. Will I need to get another telephone line for the broadband?
A. No. One of the benefits of broadband is that it allows you to run your internet connection and an Analogue phone line simultaneously.

Q. There is a telephone line at the premises that just needs activating, what can I do?
A.Unlike a transfer that typically takes 14 days,
we activate the telephone line for free subject to a 18 month minimum agreement. It will take up to 2 working days to activate the telephone line.

Q. Can I have broadband on a Alarm line (BT Redcare)?
A. Yes. Since August 2003, the standard RedCare service from BT is available on broadband lines, although there are some caveats and restrictions. More information can be found on the BT RedCare website.