You can use your phone to create an internet connection from a laptop or desktop. Follow these instructions to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
You need to set up your phone for internet to use this function. Click here for information on how to set up your phone for internet.

1. Find "Tethering and portable hotspot"

Press the menu icon.
  • Press Settings.
  • Press Wireless and network.
  • Press Tethering and portable hotsp.
2. Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Press Mobile AP to turn on the function.
  • When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), the function is turned on.
3. Select settings
  • Press Mobile AP settings.
  • Press Configure mobile AP.
4. Enter Wi-Fi hotspot name
  • Press the field below Network SSID.
  • Key in the required name.
5. Select security settings
  • Press the drop down list belowSecurity.
  • Press Open or WPA2 PSK.
  • If you select WPA2 PSK:
  • Press the field below Password and key in a password (minimum length of eight characters).
  • Press Save.
6. Establish connection
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the other device.
  • Find the list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Select your phone on the list.
  • Key in the same password you entered in step 5 and establish a connection to your phone.
  • When the connection is established, you can access the internet from the other device.
7. Exit
  • Press the Home key to return to standby mode.