1. Copy the template into C:\Users\Public\Documents\5000CP\Templates.
  2. Connect to the 5000 and navigate to System\Devices & Feature codes\SIP Peers\SIP Trunk Groups
  3. Right click and select create from SIP Trunk group from template…
  4. Navigate to the location of the template in step 1
  5. Give is a Trunk group number and click OK
  6. Give the Trunk group a name and description.
  7. Double click into the trunk group and select configuration.
  8. Double Click on the Authentication menu.
  9. Enter the username and password for the SIP service.
  10. Close the configuration menu and select Trunk Group Configuration from the trunk group.
  11. Go to the trunks menu
  12. Right click and select Create SIP Peer Trunk, add the desired number.
  13. Point the ring in destination to the desired location.