Using a macro within Xarios Phone Manager for Mitel phone systems (MiVoice Office) you can now screen pop Proclaim software by Eclipse.

Here’s the macro you need to insert into the macro manager. You’ll need to be a ‘Professional’ user licence within Xarios for this to work.. also the end user will require access to the ‘Call Waiting’ Window within ProClaim..

‘ Bring the Phone Call Waiting window into focus

PhoneControl.SetWindowFocus “Phone Call Waiting”

‘ Give it time to show
PhoneControl.Sleep “100″

‘ Send Alt+Ctrl+G to prepare the window to receive the window
PhoneControl.SendKeysToWindow “%^G”, “Phone Call Waiting”
PhoneControl.Sleep “100″

‘ Send the outside number
PhoneControl.SendKeysToWindowIndividually PhoneControl.CLI, “Phone Call Waiting”, 50

‘ Send Alt+Ctrl+F to initiate the search
PhoneControl.SendKeysToWindow “%^F”, “Phone Call Waiting”